Institute of Robotics

Institute of Robotics

Imagine a world where intelligent robots are part of our everyday life, and not only as helpers, but also a companions and friends, and where humanity is becoming increasingly freed up from repetitive and boring tasks exploiting a very small part of our real potential as humans. These are some of the ultimate visions of the Innopolis Robotics institute. And there is also hard economic data to justify our emphasis on Robotics, AI, and automation. For example, in the 2016 US Economic Report of the President it is stated that: “Productivity and labor growth were significantly increased via robotics which accounted for 10% of GDP growth and 16% of labor productivity growth”, and with latest advances coming up, such as autonomous vehicles and co-robots in manufacturing, it will also soon be the case that a constantly increasing number of human tasks will be given over to machines. Furthermore, we deeply enjoy the philosophical and scientific explorations which are a prerequisite of building and evaluating the intelligent machines of the future, and being part of Innopolis, we have a very strong IT and engineering skills pool to build upon.

Institute vision

To promote Excellence in the field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, through world-class teaching, research, and service activities.

Furthermore, to produce top-quality graduates, create strong synergistic connections with the wider ecosystem, and enable the improvement of the state of the world through ethical, socially-informed, and well-targeted applications of its wider field.

Institute laboratories

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