Institute of Technologies and Software Development
Laboratories: Software Engineering Lab, Industrial Production of Software Lab, Service Science and Engineering Lab

Participation in educational projects: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Laboratory of Innopolis University is devoted to the development of methods and tools for improving software quality. Areas of emphasis are: Software verification (both proofs and tests); Concurrency; Persistence and evolution; Object-oriented reengineering; Language design and evolution (with particular focus on Eiffel); Software architectures; Model checking and temporal logic; Process calculi; Service-oriented programming; Microservices (with particular focus on Jolie); Social networks and trust algorithms).

In the frame of the Lab a series of seminars is organized: ACSIS (Advanced Computer Science Innopolis Seminar), which covers a wide range of software engineering topics, both practical and theoretical, talks are given both by local researchers and by visitors.

Head: Prof. Bertrand Meyer,

Industrial Production of Software lab carries out research on Software Engineering, development of empirical methods and application of such methods in studies of software products for the purpose of quality improvement. The main functions: creating new and innovative models for assessment, improvement, and reengineering of software production; empirical software engineering by improving and refining the existing techniques for non-invasive data collection, process modeling and reconstruction, which can be organized in four directions.

Head: Prof. Giancarlo Succi,

Service Science and Engineering Lab  focuses on improving software quality by using optimal service-based architectural styles and well-established software engineering techniques for requirements elicitation, design, testing and verification as well as exploring new formal techniques, in particular for concurrent service-based systems. 

Head: Prof. Manuel Mazzara,

Main projects of the Institute:

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