Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering (MSIT-SE) degree is designed for professionals with one to two years of work experience in software development and who want to boost their career and become technical leaders, software architects or project managers. The program was developed on the basis of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) program in Software Engineering and is delivered face-to-face locally at Innopolis with the team of CMU certified instructors with a long record of industry experience and also selected external experts in specific areas that complement the MSIT-SE core courses. The program runs for 12 months and three semesters starting from September with one mandatory preparatory course that starts the third week of July. The program is completely delivered in English. The structure of the program is as follows:






Required courses





Elective courses




45 (required)

55 (maximum)

Practicum project


12 units

24 units

36 units


5 courses

4 courses

2 courses

11 courses

39 units (R)

6-12 units (E)

27 units (R)

6-12 units (E)

12 units project

6-30 units (E)

24 units project

147 units

The once-in-the-lifetime learning experience starts with four required core courses and completes with a final real-world capstone project in August next calendar year. This MSIT-SE Project is a real-industry project with real live stakeholders outside the MSIT-SE program that affords the student an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in the core and elective courses through its practical application in a realistic project setting. Although the aim of the project is to deliver a working solution to the customer, it also emphasize the learning objectives where students experience and address many or most of the real-world issues and learn how to handle them in the future. The students are required to reflect on what they learn and understand why success or failure occurs on projects.

The typical applicant has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or other scientific or technical discipline, one to two years of industry experience, and has worked on at least one notable project. Recent graduates without a history of formal work experience may apply, although it is highly recommended that they have completed some significant internship work or at least one semester of cooperative work in industry. Innopolis also offers the Pre-Master program with the possibility of enrollment to the MSIT-SE program after successful completion of the first year with outstanding results in their Grade Point Average (GPA).

The variation of this program is offered to our industry partners as special track in our Executive Training offerings.

Key skill in competences learned in the program

  • Project planning and tracking
  • Time management
  • How to assign resources to tasks
  • Communication with different stakeholders
  • Management of requirements
  • Requirements elicitation skills
  • Modeling software solutions
  • Analysis and quality assurance of software products
  • Documenting software deliverables
  • Developing state of the art software architectures and designs
  • Taking responsible technical decisions with clear decision-making record
  • Quality assurance planning, monitoring and reporting
  • Dealing with people and team issues
  • Learning what it means to be professional software engineer
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