We invite you to become our industry partner

We cooperate intensively with high-tech companies operating in the field of IT by involving them in our educational activities and initiatives.

Possible formats of collaboration:


  • Participation in the development of our educational programs in accordance with your Company’s aims and goals.

  • Access to powerful intellectual resources through our academic partners – the world's leading research centers and educational institutions.

  • Initiation of scientific research.

  • Realization of industrial projects by our students and alumni.

Labor force

  • Direct access to our students and alumni (participation in the selection process, recruitment, internships and involvement in projects).


  • Provision of our facilities for your Company’s events.

  • Enjoying priority to participate in our activities.


  • Lectures / workshops / master classes conducted by Partners and for Partnes.

  • Presenting ideas, discussing new projects, communication with involved experts - successful entrepreneurs, managers, and technology specialists.


  • PR and marketing opportunities.

  • Naming University facilities (academic, research and sports facilities, administrative and recreational areas) for industry partners.
Inopolis University is non-state institution; its operating activities are not financed from the state budget. In 2013, Russian ICT companies donated more than USD 11 million to our project; this enabled us to provide educational grants to our bachelor's and master's students.The Board of Trustees of Innopolis University is chaired by Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Telecom and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation; Serguei Beloussov (Acronis, Paralells, Runa Capital) and Anton Sushkevich (NVision Group) are among its members.
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